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Fenix Base is an IMO-certified marine flooring underlay that is developed and produced by Estillon. The International Marine Organisation CE approval mark of the wheel identifies our marine flooring underlay as having top-grade flame retardant properties and as being of an excellent production quality. As well as helping to ensure the safety requirements of your vessel and of its passengers, quality marine underlayment can enhance the comfort and durability of your flooring and make for an essential addition to any marine vessel’s interiors.

In high-traffic areas, our marine flooring underlays and carpet padding can protect and prolong the life of your chosen flooring. In private rooms and suites, marine underlay can impart a feeling of luxury and warmth and can enhance the comfort of the passengers on your ship. Marine underlayment can also improve sound quality onboard and in this way, provides additional interior richness.

Our underlays are developed and produced in a wide range of thicknesses and in various materials. We can provide flooring underlay for flooring of all types. Our marine underlays are lightweight weighing just 10-17kg per roll. This lightweight quality converts into savings on fuel costs and a greater ease of  shipping and handling. We have completed projects for major players in the marine industry such as Royal Caribbean International, STX Europe, Holland America LineMSC Cruises, Meyer Werft and Norwegian Cruise Line. Our expert advice paired with the outstanding quality of our products has resulted in a level of satisfaction from our existing customers that has helped us to secure our place as leaders in the market.

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